Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello World

Welcome to "Confessions of a Crap Gamer", yet another gaming blog in a sea of gaming blogs.

I'll be up front about this. I know there's millions of gaming blogs out there. Just about anyone who can play a video game is trying to run one.

I'm doing this for two reasons. First: as someone with, I'm embarrassed to admit, an insane number of games, I'm hoping this blog with give me a good reason to go through my collection, share my findings and maybe show people something interesting they haven't seen before.  I have way too many games, I might as well try to make something people would get use out of from it.

The second is that I'm currently between jobs and have nothing better to do.  So I might as well start a project like this to pass the time. If I do a good enough job, it might even make for some resume fodder.

With this in mind I'm not going to waste time chasing fame and fortune. Hopefully I'll get at least a couple readers who find my ramblings informative or at least entertaining. But I'm not going to go too far out of my way to try and increase the size of my audience or make myself some sort of net celebrity, deliberately trying to become famous rarely works out anyway.

As for what I'll be doing. Mostly I'll be looking at older PC games and indie titles. This is because I have an older computer, and while I'm hoping to one day upgrade it, that's not likely to happen any time soon. So that means I can't really play a lot of newer AAA stuff.

Whatever happens, I just hope someone enjoys this.

But before we get started, a bit about myself. To start, I'm not going to waste time going over a detailed list of every system I've ever owned or name dropping every major classic game I have. I'm not looking to establish myself as some sort of "True gamer". This post isn't meant to impress people, so I'm just going to say I've been playing video games for a very long time and leave the history section at that.

More important would be what interests me. I've played all sorts of games, but my interests lean more towards RPG and strategy games. Partially because I like tinkering with all the little upgrades and stats found in those kinds of games and partially because while I do enjoy some action games, I don't quite have the dexterity and lightening fast reflexes needed for them.

On the same note, I tend to have a preference for single player games. Though I do like co-op as well. Competitive multiplayer is... not my interest. The communities for most competitive multiplayer games are often worrying at best, and I lack the competitive streak that would have me excited at the idea of totally dominating the competition, or "pwning the noobs" or whatever it was the game's ads promised.

I do like a decent story where I can get one, though I don't strictly need it. As for challenge... like I said before I'm not really here to prove anything, I can enjoy a good challenge, but I don't NEED a game to be hard. I'm more interested in enjoying the ride then trying to master anything.

This is confessions of a CRAP gamer, not a master one. I'm just some random idiot, playing games and putting his thoughts on a blog. no point in trying to hide that

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