Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Few More Notes

OK, a little bit more before we get into the action.

So, like the last post said I'm going to be looking mostly at old and/or semi-obscure PC games. I'm choosing PC games because it's something I'm familiar with, I can readily get screen shots and the like for the blog by myself, and most importantly there's digital distribution.

Digital distribution is the important part, because not only can I tell you about a game, I can link to where you can readily get a copy of it for yourself, likely for very cheap in most instances.

Also, I'll be talking about old and obscure stuff because there's Already PLENTY of people talking about the big stuff. You don't need me to tell you about the latest Dark Souls or Assassin's Creed. Plenty of people do that already, you've likely got a favorite source to read about that. No need for me to add to the noise.

Plus, like I said in the previous post, I likely can't run most of those newer games anyway. Ihis is one of the things I like about older/indie games, They generally have very low system requirements, so no need to worry about having the latest tech installed.

For now at least, you can consider this a review blog, I'll be playing games, grabbing a few screenshots, and writing about my thoughts on them. I will do my best to take as through a look at any game I write on as I can manage. However, full disclosure: I'm doing this alone, unpaid and in my spare time. I can't guarantee I'll explore every game 100% especially the larger ones. playing a 100+ hour epic in it's entirety AND making a full blog post in a timely manner is a bit outside my capabilities. I will however, make sure I've played long enough that I feel I can give some solid thoughts on it.

I also may use of mods on a game, particularity for older games that have unofficial patches to deal with bugs or help the game work on newer operating systems, I'll make note of these in a review.

Also, while this is essentially a review blog, I will not be giving out scores. I can't even begin to quantify a game and everything in it in a single number and I personally don't think anyone care about scores much beyond "is this game any good?" Instead, I will sum up what I know of the game, weigh in on it's features and flaws and give some final thoughts on who, if anyone might want to try the game.

In truth, while this is technically a review blog, it's less about separating the good from the bad, or talking about artistic merit and more "Hey, I know of this game that's kinda cool, maybe you should take a look at it."

With that said, I hope anyone reading this enjoys the blog, and I'll try to have the first review up soon.

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