Wednesday, June 24, 2015

So about Desura...

Right so, I'm not normally the kind of person to post about video game news. This is primarily a review blog. Even then as I've said before, said reviews lean more towards recommending interesting games people might have missed. However, the nature of this story is forcing my hand.

Desura is in trouble, I saw a link to PC Gamer about it that you can read that here but to sum it up briefly? Desura and Indie Royale's parent company, Bad Juju Games has filed for bankruptcy after several months of failing to pay the developers on their service.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much more information besides that. I know the Indie Royale Twitter account has been locked out of their email account and has pretty much become an unofficial account now. I've also heard mention that Bad Juju's staff have also been locked out of their email accounts, and managed to find Capsule Computers article that talks a bit about that here.

At the moment, Desura and Indie Royale are not dead, at least not officially. The sites are still up and I've heard Desura is still processing orders, though Indie Royale hasn't run a new bundle in weeks now. The important thing, for this blog at least, is that Desura is a site I frequently check for a game's availability on and I have several articles linking to it.

So here's what I'm going to do with the blog regarding Desura. since I know some people prefer to use it, as long as Desura is still online, I will continue to link to it when games I review are available there, though I personally would strongly recommend you don't buy your games from there right now as Desura may not be around much longer.

If Desura actually does go down for good - and that does look like a possibility right now - Then I will go back through my blog and remove the purchasing links to Desura from any reviews that have them since well... Desura would be dead at that point and all those links broken. If it comes to me doing that, I'll be sure to make another blog post to explain the changes.

Personally, I find this news somewhat sad. Indie Royale was one of the first web sites to do indie game bundles after Humble Bundle, and Desura was not only popular with people who'd rather not use Steam, but was the initial home for a lot of games that passed through, or are still stuck in Steam's Greanlight system. It's honestly a shame to see it go.

Finally, I should note that if you have games on Desura, or have brought bundles form Indie Royale, now would be a good time to check your Desua collection or Bundle collection and see if any of the games you brought have Steam keys as now would be a good time to get them Redeemed if you haven't already.

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